Door to Door Fundraising

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Face to Face sales

Door to Door Fundraising



In today’s, busy and at times oversaturated digital market place and even the most promising marketing campaign can get lost.
Door-to-door sales allows you to find a place in a crowded market, establishing face-to-face contact with potential members of the public that have been unresponsive to other forms of advertising.
With door-to-door sales, our fundraisers increase the chance of your message being clearly heard and correctly understood. They can have a conversation directly with members of the public, raising your Hospice’s profile and needs plus they get valuable feedback in the process.
Whilst online marketing makes it possible to reach a huge amount of members of the public, Door-to-door has much more of a personal touch, allowing our fully trained fundraisers to communicate with people on a personal level and be ambassador’s of your brand, and the same time acquiring new lottery or Regular Giving donors for you.

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